Real Help From Real Nerds

“Everyone should have the right to a computer in good working condition, but no one should have to be nerdy enough to make that happen.” Those were the principals I had in mind when I decided to start myHelpfulNerd.

In case you haven’t noticed, computers and the Internet are kind of a big deal nowadays. We use them to work, to play, to stay organized and, most importantly, to communicate with each other. In short, modern society runs on computers… and if you’re not connected, you’re being left behind.

That probably sounded a little scary, but it shouldn’t be! Even with the economy falling out from under us, I still say these are great times to be living in. Computers have pushed us forward in ways no one could have imagined 20 years ago, and our lives can be much easier, much happier, and much more entertaining because of it. For example, I can manage my finances and conduct business from anywhere in the world, and at the same time chat with my mom in Florida and send her pictures over the Internet.

Sound complicated? Well, that’s the problem. These things have progressed faster than a lot of us can keep up with. Not to mention what should happen if your computer stops working! If you accidentally get a computer virus, would you know how to fix it? Or, would you suddenly stop working, let your bills become overdue and ignore your mother in Florida?

Most people wouldn’t know the first thing about fixing the virus. Instead, they would pack up their computer and drive to a place like Geek Squad where they would be charged the price of a new computer to run a routine service. Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had a helpful nerd that you could call? Someone that knew the inner-workings of these things and could fix your problems at a fair price? A friendly local technician who could come to your home, explain what went wrong and head off future problems before they start? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get real help from a real nerd?

That’s where myHelpfulNerd comes in, and now that you’ve found us, your computer problems are over! We’re just a phone call away, we’re affordable and we can handle anything you can throw at us–from training, to spyware removal, to data recovery and more. If you’re in need of computer help, I really do hope you’ll give us a call. You deserve to have a working computer, you deserve to stay connected, and you deserve to be treated fairly. The other myHelpfulNerd technicians and I believe this, and we hope you’ll give us the chance to prove it.

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  1. Amy & Eric Kanasty says:

    My husband and I were devastated when our computer went haywire on us last week. A co-worker suggested this company as a fix and lone behold, 24 hours after calling MyHelpfulNerd, our computer was back up and running, all files in tact and home safe and sound! I can’t thank MyHelpfulNerd (Ken) enough for recovering and bringing our computer back to life and in such a quick time-frame at that! I will work with them again and again if need be and would love to share this company with anyone who is in need as they will “save the day!” for you if your computer fails! Thanks so much for saving our day!

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