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Thinking about taking your computer to Geek Squad for service? Be sure to check out the top 3 results from a Google search for “geek squad reviews” first!

1. Geek Squad Reviews and Complaints
Don’t Use The Geek Squad!
If you want to: (1) Pay a lot of money for someone to hold your computer for several days (2) Return your computer several times in hope that your computer problem will get fixed. (3) Be told YOU didn’t explain what you wanted properly and now YOU have to pay more to get what you want, then the Geek Squad is the place to go. I will NEVER EVER use them again and I won’t shop at Best Buy because the Geek Squad is in their stores.
Appointment Cancelled and Quote Doubles
I made a service call for a single desktop at a small business that was disabled due to malware and viruses. Geek Squad quoted me $119 and scheduled me for 2 days later. On day of appointment, I got a call from the tech who said his paperwork was wrong and he could not make the appointment that day. He also pointed out the price would be $299. I called the 800 # and was told the same thing and that no supervisor was available to speak with me. I’ll never call Geek Squad again. Their attitude was they just didn’t care!!!!!!!!
In Home Computer Repair Complaint
I wish I had looked at these reviews prior to paying $300 to have my computer “repaired”! Even if I had, I would’ve considered it bad luck or simply chronic complainers with little validity. Now, all I want to do is climb to the highest mountain top and shout “STAY AWAY FROM THE GEEK SQUAD!!!”…
Don’t Waste Your Time or Money on Geek Squad
…Don’t waste your time. Whatever the problem is, the Geek Squad will tell you it’s a hundred viruses. They take your money before they even look at it, don’t fix your machine and don’t tell you anything.

2. Geek Squad–Incompetent? – Tech Support Guy Forums
I am in the on-site service and support business and I have gone behind enough of the Geek Squad’s work now that I feel I am qualified to make an assessment of their competence–or rather lack of.

Over the last three months, I’ve had opportunity to check out about ten or more wireless network setups done by the Geek Squad. I find that in all cases there was not one which had any form of security. All were open and unsecured. In all cases, the default name for the wireless device was left at the manufacturer’s default and not one even had the default password changed.

The worst case I saw was today’s late afternoon service call that ran on to about 8:30 PM. The Geek Squad had set up three wireless networks. One in the home I visited, one directly across the street and one just next door. All were done over a period of about six weeks. The customer complained that her wireless would just come and go at will. I discovered the Geek Squad had her connecting to the internet through the next door neighbor’s computer and, in addition, all of the other conditions existed as stated in the above paragraph.

So much for the Geek Squad. I guess it just proves that even the near totally incompetent can get plenty of business if they have the advertising dollars behind them. I wonder how many identity thefts they are responsible for.

3. Geek Squad – Computing.Net
…As a former employer of BB,I find it imperative to inform you that in my year of employment their I witnessed countless instances of “geek squad” BB employees access personal data from customers’ systems/drives.All done with the intention of copying wanted data or showing other employees data which they may find amusing.
This was not a one time time occurrence,it happens day in and day out there.It made me extremely mad seeing this every day and knowing I couldn’t do anything about it without getting terminated.
This is obviously grounds for termination for the employees and possibly legal action?
Anyways,without me going into detail about the corruptive activities at BB,I suggest you take my word when I say GET YOUR PC BACK OR RISK THE REPERCUSSIONS OF ANY PERSONAL DATA BEING STOLEN.

Holy Bytes, Batman! Has anyone looked at the prices on that website? $229 to do a data transfer from one media to another. LOL

Just a thought. I agree with KTTD. You may end up paying more for a minor fix than a new machine would cost. Be careful.

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