Zoodles: A Free, Safe And Kid-Friendly Browser

Much like the kid-friendly educational software of yesterday, free web browser Zoodles gives young kids an easy-to-use window into the Internet while keeping them (and your computer) safe. For ages 2-8, Zoodles attempts to always deliver safe, fun, and educational content through a dead-simple interface that can even get more complex as your child grows and learns.

Zoodles is available for Windows and Mac, and comes in either a free version or a $7.95/month premium version which gives parents extra functionality such as enhanced ad blocking, content filtering, and activity monitoring. A free trial of the premium membership is included with the download.

If your kids are older, you should definitely teach them how to use a computer properly without special software installed. However, kid-friendly browsers such as Zoodles are a great way to introduce younger children to the computer and provide them with a safe and enriching experience.

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