Avoid Crapware When Installing Software

When downloading and installing new software, it’s easy to get duped into installing bundled crapware at the same time. That’s because a surprisingly large number of software vendors hide these annoying add-ons in their installers and deliberately try to trick you into allowing them through. Weblog FreewareGenius and Lifehacker.com have some tips on avoiding these sneaky tricks in the future. The most popular tricks you’ll run into include:

  • Making the crapware look like it’s the original program’s privacy policy, which you (of course) agree to
  • Hiding the choice under “Custom Installation,” so the “Typical” installation gives you the toolbar automatically
  • Offering you crapware multiple times throughout the installation, perhaps with different wordings

Be sure to pay close attention during the installation process. If you’re given an “Advanced” or “Custom” installation method, use it! Watch out for these dubious tricks or you’ll likely end up with a mysterious new web browser toolbar or search engine alongside the next piece of software you install.

Checkout Lifehacker’s article or the post by FreewareGenius for more tips!

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